They are gathering all over the U.S. to come to my apartment to taste your turkey: Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Denver.Yep, they all heard how good it was 2 years ago when I cooked; they are on their way!!!! Excellent bird. Everyone raved about the flavor and moisture. Worth every penny!!!!!


Forest, NY (November 2012)


I tasted the Angus ground beef this weekend. Firstly, my heart was fully at peace eating it because I had full knowledge of the animal and all steps of the Halal processing of it. Secondly, when I cooked it as burger patties, it tasted better than any burger I’ve tasted. This is because it was completely fresh out of an USDA facility, no preservatives/chemicals added to it and it hadn’t sat around in a freezer for months before being cooked. Then I cooked it Indian style as Kofta and it tasted better than any Kofta my family in NYC ever made. This is because who knows where the Halal shops of NYC get their meat from and how they process it, whereas, in this case I knew where the cow was raised and how, who made it Halal and how it was processed.  Norwich Meadows Farm allows the customer to have knowledge of every step of the butchering process which allows the customer to be fully certain and satisfied that the meat is 100% clean, Halal and fresh. Thumbs up to Norwich Meadows Farm and those who work there.

Abir, Sidney, NY (June 2012)

Absolutely no doubt that this was the BEST turkey I have ever had. Very juicy and flavorful without needing to brine or jump through hoops; that’s a little known secret about farm fresh turkeys vs. frozen. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again!
Katy, NY (November 2012)


We made hamburgers — best everyone’s had (that’s ten people!)  I’ve also roasted the whole chicken and it was delicious. Thank you so much! I’ll be definitely order more items in the future.

Faiza, New Jersey (July 2012)


Haifa and Zaid are some of the most supportive farmers at the Greenmarket catering to New Yorkers, especially chefs like myself.  I love how they always have an eye out for what will attract our attention! Whether it’s an heirloom melon or rare frying pepper; everything is grown and treated with so much care that by the time you meet up with them in person at several of their farmers market stands; you can feel the appreciation they have for everything raised on their land, whether it’s beautiful produce, unique chickens and eggs or kosher meats.  Their bounty is so amazing that Norwich turns much of it into the most irresistible pickled goods you’ve ever tasted, and they’re always giving away sample at the market.  My favorite is their pickled beans, heavy on the garlic and dill; I can probably eat a plate full while listening to Zaid talk about what their next move is at the farm.

Talk to you guys soon!

Chef Anthony Sasso, Casa Mono (July 2012)



Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah!!!
I tried the  Grass-fed Halal ground beef, and it was exceptional, in it’s taste and quality.  The words I have to describe this meat is clean and pure.  The meat was also lean, it just melted in my mouth.  My family noticed a difference immediately in the taste of the meat.  The words they described the meat was fresh, high quality, mouth-watering and tasty, as well as yummy.  I can understand why people would be willing to pay more for halal grass-fed meat, the quality and taste are exceptional, and can’t compare to regular grain fed meat.

From Saudia and Hafiz, Louisiana (July 2012)


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