Organic Herbs


We are now providing certified organic herbs in bulk imported from Egypt. Norwich Meadows Farm is a direct source of 19 different herbs that are certified organically grown. We have spent much time with Egyptian farmers who have a long tradition of growing superior organic crops for thousands of years. The fact that the land has been able to support them for so long is a testament to their knowledge and respect for the earth. For the past few seasons, we have had the pleasure and experience of working with some very knowledgeable Egyptian farmers here in Norwich.

All organic farmers, no matter which country they are from, love and respect the land. It is this personal connection to the land and the satisfaction of helping others that keeps farmers coming back year after year, despite the disappointment and setbacks of floods, droughts, and insects.

Like many small farmers in the United States, many of the Egyptian farmers also live a subsistence life. The major portion of their income is from exports. As farmers, we all have a common interest in supporting each other. By diversifying, we can fill the large void that exists in the selection of certified organic herbs in today’s markets, while at the same time help to support and preserve small farmers worldwide.

Available Herbs
The following is a complete list of the herbs we carry.

Norwich Meadows Farm Herbs 

Anise May – October
Basil May – October
Caraway Seed April – August
Chili Powder May – December
Coriander (dry) May – October
Dill May – October l
Fennel Seed May – October
Fenugreek May – October
Garlic Powder March – June
Hibiscus December – March
Licorice Year Round
Marjoram May – October
Onion Powder April – June
Parsley January – April
Peppermint May – October
Rosemary March – June
Sage March – June
Spearmint May – October
Thyme March – June

To order, see our price list.

For more information please contact customer service at:

We welcome wholesale and retail accounts. All items are in stock!



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