About Us

“O people, eat from whatever is upon the earth that is lawful and wholesome.” 

Quran 2:168

Our Food Philosophy

We produce what we believe is good for our families and thus would be good for yours. We grow food to secure for ourselves and our customers, a healthy alternative to what is presently available. We produce food that is free of harsh chemicals and is grown using natural fertilizers. Our chickens are free-running and are fed only the highest quality certified organic feed with a supplemental diet of organic greens. We strongly believe that food should nourish and not cause any harm to our bodies or the environment.

Food should not be wasted. There are people, who go hungry daily, and there are the many who are overfed, but under nourished. Sadly, this is most prevalent in the industrial nations. The spread of junk fast-foods is becoming a global crisis as corporate giants want to further taint our food supply with new, untested “species” concocted in a genetic laboratory.

For millions of years, the natural food system did not fail mankind. We not only survived, but flourished to a point of overpopulation. It is only within the past 100 years of man’s brief time on earth that we have resorted to artificial and toxic means to grow our foods. As a result, we not only have harmed our health, but we have dealt a blow to the very environment that supports our well-being.

No longer is there a lake, river or stream that is not contaminated with toxic agricultural chemicals. No longer is there a person who does not know someone who has cancer, or who has had a heart attack. There is only one way to reverse this destructive path and we believe we have taken the first and most important step and that was the decision to dedicate our god-given energies to the task of growing food as it was created, and to provide access to the local community for the betterment of its physical and economic health.

We must all become aware of the hidden costs of industrial farming. They do not, or will ever be included in the environmental costs to our air, water or our health., These are costs we and our children will pay for long into the future with our well-being and billions of dollars in taxes.

We believe that through the education of nutrition and the business and politics of food, we can succeed in our goal of setting up a viable alternative system that benefits all involved.

Our Business Philosophy

We cannot separate our personal philosophy from our business philosophy. Our business philosophy is an expression of our personal and religious philosophy. In a pure business sense, our goal is to establish a commercially successful organic farm that benefits a regional economy. By regional, we do not mean “a few miles down the road.” We participate in green markets from New York City to southwestern and central New York.

Our Promise

Realizing the condition and health of Earth’s resources is paramount in the production of food, and as keepers of the earth, we promise to strive to preserve and not damage agricultural land, and to use it in a manner that is economically, ecologically and ethically sound.

We are just a small part of a much larger process and we realize we cannot achieve our goals alone. We need the support of a larger community. We invite all those who believe they can aid in our endeavor to join us.

Although our prime goal has to do with local economies, we recognize the fact that humankind has engaged in all forms of trade across the oceans for thousands of years. We believe that trade must benefit all involved and cause no harm to the trading parties nor the community at large.



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