Is your halal meat slaughtered on farm or in a USDA facility? If it is not a USDA facility, what are the limits to reselling the meat, or do you simply assume the customer is aware the meat cannot be resold?

Our chickens and turkeys are raised and slaughtered at our farm under 5A authority by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and are available for sale in the State of New York only. Our beef, lamb and goat are slaughtered and processed at a local, certified USDA facility and in front of a USDA agent.

We were able to process a small amount of chickens at our USDA facility last year and do still have a limited amount of USDA chicken available.  Because USDA is federally mandated, products inspected and certified through any USDA facility (including ours) is available for sale, resale and shipment to all states but only in its original form.

If you purchase a product from us and repackage and/or change our product (i.e. from ground beef to sausage for example), the USDA inspection and certification from our state will be null and void.  The new product, package etc. will have to be re-inspected and re-certified in the state you wish to resell

Most who want to resell meat within the State of New York or out of state, will coordinate further with the Owner of our farm as well as be fully aware of the laws in their home state or other states they which to sell.  We recommend you coordinate with your local authorities.

To read more about processing, please visit Cornell University Link below:


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