Can you go into detail on the organic feed you use? What does it consist of?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, organic means that the laying hens must have access to the outdoors and cannot be raised in cages. Organic egg producers cannot use antibiotics except during an infectious outbreak. Only natural molting can occur within the flock; forced molting is not allowed. Organic certification also requires maintenance of basic animal welfare standards.

Organic feed is grown by certified organic farmers. To become a certified organic farmer, the crop must be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The crop must be free of GMOs and synthetic fertilization for three years before it can be certified for organic usage. If the crop is contaminated by cross-fertilization, the crop is rendered useless for organic grading. Finally, there can be no animal by-products fed to the poultry.

Norwich Meadows Farm Organic Feed

Norwich Meadows Farm procures its organic feed from Lake View Organic Grain, a local grower and grain mill located in Penn Yan, New York. Lake View Organic Grain is NOFA certified.

Our organic feed currently contains organic corn and soy. The chances of you finding a corn and soybean  free ration are fairly slim. Lake View Organic primarily uses local sourced organic grains.

Our current organic soy feed includes:

· Organic corn (Energy Source)
· Organic roasted soybean (Protein Source)
· Organic Sunflower Meal
· Organic Oats
· Kelp
· Crab Meal
· Aragonite (A mineral consisting of calcium carbonate, typically occurring in white seashells.)
· Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer (Vitamin/mineral supplement)

We are transitioning to a soy free diet this year. We have bought our first pea based ration. Our layers will start on the pea based ration ration in late February/early March 2013. By mid March, we will begin selling our eggs as a non soy containing ration.

Below are the ingredients of our organic, no soy, layer feed:

· Organic Corn (Energy Source)
· Organic Peas (Protein Source)
· Flaxmeal
· Organic Oats
· Crab Meal (Chickens are Omnivores and plant based proteins are deficient in certain amino acids that only come from marine or animal sources including bugs)
· Aragonite (A mineral consisting of calcium carbonate, typically occurring in white seashells)
· Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer (vitamin/mineral supplement)

All our chickens are pasture raised during the spring, summer, and fall. Our meat birds are raised only during pasture season and that is why we sell frozen chickens in the winter. If you find fresh pasture raised chickens in the winter that should raise a red flag as grass is either dead or under snow during winter months.

We invite you to read more about Lake View Organic – please go to their website at: or click on the link below.

Also – wikipedia has a general overview of Organic Feed for Laying Hens, please click on the link below:

Overview of What Organic Means in terms if Laying Hens



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