What Is the Nutritional Information on Grass-Fed Meat?

The saturated fat content in beef is one reason many people shy away from eating it. According to AmericanGrassFedBeef.com, a grass fed sirloin steak has about 1/3 less fat than a grain fed sirloin, and 6 oz. of grass fed steak has about 100 calories less than 6 oz. of its grain fed counterpart. This means that if you were to switch to grass fed beef and eat the typical American yearly amount of 66.5 lbs., you would save yourself about 17,733 calories over the course of the year, which translates into just over 5 lbs. for doing nothing more than switching beef. Grass fed beef has a higher content of omega-3s that beef fed on grain. Omega-3s are an essential fatty acid, meaning it is not produced by your body, but must be added through diet. Omega-3 helps to fight inflammation in your body. Grass fed beef is a quality source of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps protect your body from free radical damage, which has been associated with accelerated aging and chronic diseases like cancer. CLA stands for conjugated linolenic acid. It is a fatty acid that helps to increase your metabolism and may enhance muscle growth. Your body doesn’t make CLA, so dietary sources are your only way to get it. Perhaps the primary reason eat beef aside from the taste, is for a quality source of protein. With grass fed beef, you can get a leaner, overall healthier product at the same time as you are getting your protein fix.



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