Is Kosher Halal?

Some Muslim authorities allow the consumption of Kosher, especially when Halal is not available, considering the traditions of most schools of thought and following the verse in the Holy Quran:

“اليوم طعام الذين أوتوا الكتاب حل لكم و طعامهم حل لكم”

“And today its proclaimed that the Food of the People of the Book are Lawful to You and Your Foods are Lawful to Them” ( 5:5 ).


Many Muslim scholar, however, say, for one reason or another, that Kosher cannot be a substitute for Halal, and a person may consume Kosher but cannot buy Kosher from the market, label it Halal and sell it to Muslims. Others claim that the drive for prohibition of certification of Kosher is only for political and economic reasons. Please refer to the Article titled: “Slaughtering of the People of the Book” in the Section about Articles under this site:




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