What Is Halal?

Halal literally means lawful (from a religious perspective) according to Islamic jurisprudence. In the case of animals, Islamic law guarantees animals certain rights such as the right to live a minimum amount of time. It is also guaranteed care, the right to offspring, and the right to a dignified death. Islamic laws also offers the concept of Tayyib which means pure and good. For example, blood meal is used as a feed ingredient for animal feed rations. For Muslims this at least violates the Tayyib rule as well as the Jallalah ruling.http://ingredients101.com/bloodmeal.htm will explain more about blood meal. Most people are not aware of what goes on in the agricultural industry let alone the full breadth of what Halal entails. Just one gruesome example of what happens at a significant number of so called Halal slaughtering facilities in the U.S. is that lambs are hung alive from their leg and then slaughtered. This is unacceptable and cruel treatment and thus not Halal.



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